Saturday, October 24, 2009

8 Mile

Geezus, how did this movie get such (reasonably) positive reviews?

Now I freely admit I can be a sucker for a crappy movie. Book snobby I am, movie snobby I am not.

Yet this??

What was wrong with it...? Did I care about Rabbit? No. He just looked sullen a lot. In fact, I have no idea what his smile looks like. His mother was a nicely done cliche of white trash. His ex girlfriend? Well we don't care about her because we saw nothing of her. Brittany Murphey's character? She has sex with him and pouts a lot....great.

The real point is, I didn't care about any of them. I laughed out loud at the seriousness of two grown men staring each other down for 2 minutes, GLARING at each other....and then instead of having a punch up, they basically try to out do each other with rhymes.

I'm not anti rap, I'm really not, but come on. You've got to see the funny side of human beings when they go around punching each other up because one guy thinks up words quicker than the other guy.

Yes yes, I know there are significant cultural and social problems behind such behaviour and behind the movie. Poverty isn't funny! But I am not going to cry over some white rapper trying to get out of a trailer and into a record store.

And more importantly, it was *boring*.

Basically this is just like one of those awful 'dance' movies but with Eminem and a lot of motherfuckers.

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